Community Leadership

Advena Living at Fountainview celebrates the importance of ethics, compassion and commitment in the healthcare profession as we honor our nurses, volunteers and staff, who demonstrate such passion and dedication to our community members every day.

Our staff works side-by-side with families and physicians to ensure our community members are in the most appropriate care setting, customized for their needs and preferences. Our licensed professionals are available to answer questions and address any concerns you or your family may have.

Please feel free to contact our key staff members about our services.

Matthew Squassabia, Administrator

I am from Colorado originally, but went to college in Idaho and found a home in Kansas. I believe if something is hard, then it is probably worth doing. I have worked various jobs to put my wife and myself through college debt-free, so helping someone else is just a way of life. We are all humans and sometimes just need a hand to get us back into a better state of life.

I think we all know the right thing to do, but sometimes we lack the courage to do it. I aspire to never lack the courage to do what I believe is right, especially in my role as an administrator of Advena Living at Fountainview.

I dislike picking on people even in a “joking” manner because it is too easy to destroy self-confidence. We should all take lightly to others especially when we never know what the person who is next to us is going through and there is always something we can do to better the lives of those around us.

Ashley Reddig, BSN, RN, Director of Nursing

Growing up, I remember spending several evenings a week playing cards with our elderly neighbor. I have always had a passion for caring for others. In 2006, I became a Certified Nurse Aide at a local nursing home. I obtained my Practical Nursing license in 2007 and went on to obtain my Registered Nurse license in 2009. I ventured away from long-term care for a few years, but I felt like I was called back. Through the years, as long-term care continues to evolve, I truly feel as though this is where I am supposed to be. I love spending time with the community members and learning about their lives and experiences.  

Logan Smith, Assistant Director of Nursing

As a young child, I knew I wanted to be in healthcare – I just did not know which direction I would end up going. In high school, I earned my CNA and started working in a long-term care facility. I was amazed at the stories and experiences that population had to share. My residents became family, and I knew I was in the right place. I wanted to be able to provide more for those I cared for, so I went on to receive my LPN. I have experienced many different settings as a nurse, but I seem to always gravitate back to long-term care and skilled nursing facilities. This is where I feel the most comfortable. I have recently moved into a nursing management position, and I am enjoying all the new aspects of nursing that this position brings.

Shellie Weilert, Director of Social Services

Thirty years ago, I went looking for a job. Not knowing what I was getting into, I took a Certified Nursing Assistant class. I was not sure I would be able to do the job, but I fell in love with it. I worked in home health and later decided to go into long-term care. I have been at this building for 20 years and have worked many positions. Each department has challenged me to do better. I enjoy getting to know the community members and their families, and learning all about their life. When I found out my grandmother had dementia, it inspired me to learn more and become certified in dementia. My love for my residents, and getting to see them smile daily, makes doing all I can for them worth it.

Liberty LeGrand, Director of Marketing and Admissions

I got into this industry in 2002 and have had a variety of jobs in senior living before becoming the Marketing Director. I first started in the dietary department, then was a CNA for 14 years and an Activity Director for six years. I have been at our other location, Advena Living of Clearwater for eight years and recently joined the Advena Living at Fountainview team in early 2022.

As a marketer, I get the best of both worlds. I get to be in the building and spend time with the residents, as well as out in the community connecting with the people and local businesses of Rose Hill.

Leslie Poelstra, MDS

In 1996, I took a Certified Nurse Aide course to find a job. My first job was at Riverside Hospital, and I quickly found that my calling in life was to work in the medical field. As I gained experience, I decided to apply at the local nursing home in Mulvane, Kan., which I enjoyed very much. I loved the stories the elderly would tell me about their lives. I discovered that I could better advocate for them as a licensed nurse. I completed my Licensed Practical Nursing certificate in 2002 and went on to obtain my Registered Nurse license at Bethel College in 2009. Over the past 20 years, I have worked in hospital settings from ER to ICU and Med Surgery, but I always wanted to return to long-term care. I cannot imagine doing any other profession. I still love the challenge and the wonderful stories I get to hear.  

Sara James, Director of Therapy

Helping others is my passion, and skilled nursing is my where my heart is. I began my career as a certified nurses’ assistant when I was 19 years old with the intention of becoming a registered nurse. As time passed and I continued my work with the elderly population, I eventually changed my career path to occupational therapy. Everyone who goes into the healthcare field wants to help others, but what sets OT apart is that we help patients regain their independence. Occupational therapy lies between physical therapy and speech therapy. We use a patient-centered approach to help individuals regain their independence in anything that is meaningful to them. From walking the dog to preparing a meal, if it’s meaningful to the patient, it’s what we help them to do. As an OTA, the skilled nursing setting is where I feel like I belong. Helping the elderly population relearn and retain their independence is so meaningful to me. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to meet and help some of the coolest people I’ve known. I love having the chance to make a positive difference in someone’s life, and I look forward to many more years in my profession.

Cynthia Zona, Director of Food Services

I started in long-term care about 21 years ago as a Social Service and Activity Director. I spent 11 years interacting with residents and absolutely loved it. I moved on to the HR and Payroll Department for an LTC, assisted living and rehab hospital for roughly five years. I truly missed my interaction with the community members and decided that was where I needed to be. I love cooking and baking and knew that if I could help make their lives better, I wanted to go into the culinary department. I started here as a cook and was promoted to dietary manager within six months. I absolutely love what I do, and I love walking into my dining room each morning and seeing the smiles and good-morning waves. I strive to be the best leader that I can be.

Barry Farley, Maintenance

I was raised in a small town in Barber County, Kan. My family moved to Wichita, where I graduated from Northwest High School. I worked in service stations, went to school as an automotive mechanic, worked in construction, and spent 20 years at Bombardier (Learjet) in the engineering and I.T. departments. I started part time at Fountainview before becoming full time, and then Director of Maintenance. I enjoy the satisfaction of repairing things that do not work and making them usable or improving their appearance. I like the facility because of the community members’ appreciation of my work, and it feels like a small community.

Debra Lechner, Medical Records

I had an elderly neighbor named Bill who lived across the street from me when I was a child. One time he asked me to make him boiled eggs. At my first attempt, the eggs were quite runny, but he said they were very good. Bill taught me how to play pitch. I even invited him over for Thanksgiving dinner with my family. I spent a lot of time across the street at Bill’s house, and he was like a second grandfather to me. On my way home from school, I would often stop by to see my grandmother at the “Shady Rest Home.” I enjoy being able to visit with the community members here at Fountainview. I have been in the medical records/transcription field for over 20 years in several different clinics and hospitals in the Wichita area. I enjoy helping people and keeping everything in order.